Privacy Policy

This website collects some personal data of its users.

Types of data collected

This website collects personal data, treating them in the aggregate, on its own or through third-party services. Among the data collected include: name, postal code, address of residence or domicile, place of residence or domicile, the province of residence or domicile, email address and phone number. Other personal information collected may be listed elsewhere in this statement or by warnings context to the collection of data in different areas of the site.
Data collection can be done either with the participation of the user can enter their data voluntarily in online forms is automatically while you browse the site and during the use of services connected to it, even if provided by third parties.

The use of cookies (or other tracking tools equivalent set forth by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data no. 229 dell’8.5.2014), unless otherwise specified, is intended to identify the user and record its preferences only for purposes related to the provision of the requested service.

It should be explained that the denial of consent from the user’s personal data or install cookies may prevent you from successfully delivering the requested service.

We, also, when the posting of personal information to third parties to him through the services related to this site, you assume the responsibility for the dissemination and claims to have been authorized to communicate or disseminate them by holders, indemnifies the owner of any responsibility towards them.