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 The Acquapole® method is the only training program that takes full advantage of the training potentials of an aquatic piece of equipment like Acquapole®: simple, versatile, multi-functional!

Based on this unique and original method, Acquapole® organizes the following certified courses:

Level 1


Acquapole® TONE

This course gives the opportunity of teaching Acquapole® to everyone.
It provides 8 AEA educational credits CEC


Level 2


acquapole-boxing-bagAcquapole® BOXING BAG

“… Not only arms”
Punches, kicks and blocks have never been as much fun. This course provides the opportunity to teach Acquapole® to any type of user, also favoring the involvement of male users.


“For the more experienced…”
This course involves the addition of a further 11 grips, aimed at those who have already acquired the basic notions of using the tool.



“Details that make the difference”
This course involves the insertion of the Elastic pole and T-traction onto the Acquapole, which enrich the range of exercises and vary the intensity.





Acquapole® POSTURAL

“Aquatic Core”
This course is designed for instructors who practice postural-holistic activities.


Acquapole® COREO

“Dancing in the water!”
This course is for TONE-certified instructors. Learning micro choreography gives the possibility of varying the classes by inserting elements of difficulty. Suitable for classes for Acquapole® experts.


Acquapole® REHAB

“Get back into shape”
This course is dedicated to the rehabilitation after injuries and/or operations.


Acquapole® Personal Trainer

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What You Will Learn From The Inventors of Acquapole®

The Acquapole® certified courses involve both a theoretical part in a lecture theater (about 3 hours) and a practical part in the pool (about 5 hours). During this training day you will acquire all the skills necessary to start, immediately, to prepare your Acquapole® Fitness classes.

Become A Certified Acquapole® Instructor

After completing this course, you will receive the Certified Acquapole® Instructor Certificate and you will have the right to be part of a worldwide community of professionals in regular contact, and with access to refresher courses.