Acquapole® T-Traction

Work your upper-body in the water

“T”-BAR for sliding onto the Acquapole®. Thanks to its horizontal support surface, the accessory completes the piece of equipment, expanding the range of possible exercises. T-Traction is:
  • Usable in both deep and shallow water.
  • At the end of the class, it is disassembled and the storage space required is reduced.



Why Include Acquapole® T-Traction in Your Center?

Advantages and benefits


With just 1 aquatic piece of equipment, Acquapole®, and 1 accessory, T-Traction, you can carry out two completely different classes: acquapole® and acquapole® T-Traction.
  • It promotes the migration to water of male users.
  • It provides an extremely good workout, both for male and female users; it allows strengthening of the arms and back.