Acquapole® Boxing Bag

Throw a few punches in the water


This is a BOXING BAG to slide onto the Acquapole® POLE
  • Simple and easy locking and assembly system
  • Made of materials that do not deteriorate
  • Entertaining and explosive classes
  • Low Cost



Why Include Acquapole® Boxing Bag in Your Center?

Advantages and benefits


Why include Acquapole® Boxing Bag in your center?

With just 1 aquatic piece of equipment, Acquapole®, and 1 accessory, Boxing Bag, you can carry out two completely different classes: acquapole® and acquapole® boxing bag.
  • It promotes the migration to water of the male users.
  • At the end of the class, it is disassembled and the storage space required is reduced.


Discover the strength of Acquapole® Boxing Bag

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